About Me


I’m Jill, wife, mother and grandmother smack dab in the middle of my 50’s and trying to figure out this weird stage of life.

If you came looking for The Minimalist Grandma, I’m right here. I just changed the title of my blog recently to streamline and simplify my social media. All my past posts about decluttering and organizing are still here, you just have to dig a bit.

I’m a Jill of all trades, master of none.

At present, I am an author, blogger, and maker of things.

In the past, I have been a teacher, stand-up comic, actor, veterinary technician, waitress, paper-girl, event organizer, spiritual counselor, minimalist, church plant team member, event organizer, speaker, vlogger, and artist.

I love creativity and I encourage creativity wherever I can find it and in whomever I find it.

I’m a documentarian at heart and I feel the urge to document my days and my thoughts in this time and space through words, photographs, and other types of artistic expression. This blog is one of those ways. I will share my thoughts about life in my 50’s, about God, about being a grandmother and probably my thoughts about Godzilla and Bigfoot. I will share cool ideas, movies, products, recipes, music, and books I run across.

So, pull up a chair,  grab a glass of sweet tea and let’s share. Please leave a comment because I feel like we’re in a conversation and I want to hear from you, too.