Just Today: Rollercoaster Emotions

Just Today: Rollercoaster Emotions


So, I started a series on here and on Instagram, then promptly bailed. I didn’t really quit, I was just not very consistent, especially here. And the reason is because of these rollercoaster emotions I’m experiencing.

I made a comment the other day on Facebook wondering if the Coronavirus pandemic has stages like grief. And I think it does because I find that there are some people out there who are having similar emotions at the same time.

In the beginning, we all took to social media and were helping each other with working from home and homeschooling. Then, we all were excited by all the free stuff we had access to online. Then we were saddened by rising case numbers, then angry at all the people not taking the virus seriously.

Now, I feel that I have information overload. I feel like I need to check the news every day in case there is an update or surprise because we’ve never done this before and we don’t know what to expect. However, I get saddened and depressed by the news. So, I just get a quick update and then do something else.

Yesterday I just totally unplugged and Husband and I rode out into the country and I took photos of wildflowers. It was a great relief, however, because I forgot about the virus, I was tempted to stop at a store and then I was snapped back into the real world.

A rollercoaster, that’s what it is.

I suppose I should just hold up my hands and scream – and not pressure myself to be consistent – we don’t know what’s coming around the corner.

I hope you find peace in these crazy days!




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