Would Koalas Like Pom Poms?

Would Koalas Like Pom Poms?

My last post was about how I couldn’t crochet. I’m talking about it again because I’m so frustrated. I had visions of sending the Australian animals so many crochet blankets and mittens and yarn!

I found a yarn store near me that offers crochet classes, I might do that, however, I tend to throw crochet hooks and balls of yarn when I’m frustrated.

I still really wanted to do something with yarn, so I found a little gadget where I can make pom poms. Remember those things from elementary school? Or maybe they were on the edge of your mom’s kitchen curtains?

Image result for pom pom curtains from 50s

Well, I bought a gadget to make them and I’m making them up a storm! I did a little research and this particular brand got good reviews. And it really does work well.

Clover 3129 Set Pom Maker, Multiple 4 Pack

It’s easy and QUICK! I really can make a gazillion while watching TV! It’s addicting! They’re so cute and fluffy and remind me of the Tribbles on Star Trek. (They’re multiplying like Tribbles, too!)

Image result for tribbles


But what to do with them? Do you think Koalas would like pom poms?

I strung them up for garland.


A friend suggested that I let the grandboys throw them at each other. That’s a great idea, actually.

But for now, the daughter and daughter-in-law, if they want it, will get a pom pom garland for Valentine’s Day.

Peace & Pom Poms,



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