I Can’t Crochet! Sorry, Australia!

I Can’t Crochet! Sorry, Australia!

In my Instagram story 2 weeks ago I talked about how my heart had been breaking for Australia. It was frightening to hear about so many people losing property, having to move and seeing the danger they were in. It was so sad to see photos of the animals killed and displaced by the fires. Here’s a New York Times photo.

Image result for 2020 australian bushfires

I wanted to help, so I found some crafters who were donating crocheted nests, handmade joey pouches, bat wraps, and koala mittens to help the orphaned and injured animals. I thought that was a great idea. Because, you know in times like these it seems like such a good idea to do something meaningful, with your hands instead of sending cold, hard, cash.

I didn’t have any fabric and I wanted to get started. I had some yarn so, I decided that I would teach myself to crochet – real quick – and make some little nests for orphaned birds. Here’s an example from Bev’s Country Cottage website.

Image result for crochet bird nest

I thought I could roll out a bunch of those while watching TV.

No, nope, nada. Didn’t happen. I was dreaming. I never have been able to get my mind wrapped around crochet and knitting. I don’t know why I thought I would somehow grasp it this time. So, after watching YouTube videos and one of them 5+ times, I still couldn’t do it. And that was just trying to get the basic chain stitch! I never did graduate to an actual crochet stitch.

So, I donated money.

Sorry, Australia! I wanted my gift to be more personal. The money is from my heart, though!


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