New Year Organization Chores

New Year Organization Chores

It’s time to do my New Year Organizing Chores! 

Don’t beat yourself up because your house is a wreck! The holidays are hectic and life gets all out of whack. Now that you’re back to school and work and life is more routine, take some time and go back through your house and organize, donate or toss! Clear out the old, make way for the new!

If you’ve followed me for long, you know my blog used to be called The Minimalist Grandma. That’s because I spent a couple of years minimalizing my life. I went through and organized the crap out of everything!

Then I moved to Texas and my organizing and decluttering effort really paid off.

I learned a lot through that process and one thing I learned is that if I’ll do just a few chores at the beginning of the year I can stay more organized for the rest of the year.

So, here’s what I do. I hit all the areas that are the clutter magnets, clear out the old year and prepare for the new.


Office: Mail, Bills, Files, Taxes

Getting that tax return as soon as possible is the motivation for me to hit this area of my house.

  • I keep a clasp envelope handy where I put tax documents as they come in the mail or across my desk through the year. So, that should be handy.
  • Make sure my mail system still works and make changes if I need to. Right now the mail comes in and is immediately sorted into trash, file, bills. I sort it immediately so I don’t have a huge pile to go through.
  • I go through my file cabinet and bundle up last year’s bill statements and records of where I paid them and put them in the “Important Papers” file and shred last year’s bill statements.
  • Collect all the tax documents and put them in the clasp folder.


I’ve included a few Amazon links to products I love that have helped me stay organized. I get a little money for linking you up! The links are in orange text. 


Clothes & Closet

For a few days or a week, I keep in my mind that it’s time to go through my clothes. So, every day when I get dressed I look through my clothes and pull out anything I don’t like, haven’t worn in the last year or don’t fit anymore. I do the same for shoes and accessories.

This year, I’m going to try ThredUp as a way to declutter my wardrobe.

While I’m at it, I check to see if my laundry system is working and change it if needed.

Here are some clothes organizing essentials from Amazon


Pantry & Fridge

After the holidays and all the parties and festivities are over I inevitably have remnants of ingredients that I didn’t use and I will not use in the coming year. So, I just quickly go through the pantry and pull out those items. I do the same with the fridge. Then, I try to think of a way to use the ingredients or I consider donating them to a food pantry. There’s no sense in having them sit in the pantry until next year. They will expire and they will be wasted.

I then wipe out the pantry and fridge and start fresh for the new year!

Cool kitchen organizational gadgets



I might as well keep rolling. I just check under the sink, shelves, counters, shower, and bath to see if I somehow inherited products from visitors. I return them if I should or keep them for use in the guest bathroom or get rid of them.

I LOVE this Spa Bench that I got from Amazon. Easy to put together, sturdy and nice storage for towels!SONGMICS Sturdy Shoe Rack Bench,3-Tier Bamboo Shoe Organizer,Storage Shelf Holds Up to 264 Lbs,ideal for Entryway Bathroom Living Corridor ULBS04N

Storage Areas

What did you do with the Christmas decorations when you took them down? If you’re like me, I shoved them in a closet, out of the way because I needed to do it quickly. Now, I need to go back and put them away properly. So, I’ll hit all those places where I shoved stuff just to get it out of the way. While I’m doing it I’ll think about whether I really need to keep it or can it be donated or tossed.

Check out this wrapping paper organizer.AOTUNO Double-Sided Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer Storage Bag,Wrapping Paper Storage Holder(White)


The secret to staying decluttered and organized is maintenance!



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