The Best Cool & Unique Gift Ideas for Grandma

The Best Cool & Unique Gift Ideas for Grandma

Do you need gift ideas for your cool, young-at-heart Grandma? I got you covered!

Grandma doesn’t need another embroidered quote or a calico quilt. Today’s Grandma is adventurous, computer savvy and environmentally conscious.

It’s time to get out of the “Grandma Gift Rut.”  Here are some fresh ideas.

Give the gift of an experience. 

  1. A year’s subscription to a streaming service or an app.   BritBox is great for the British detective show or Monarchy loving Grandma. Disney+ would be great for when the grandkids come over and it has movies and shows we remember from when we were kids.
  2. A gym membership.
  3. A membership to the zoo, museum, symphony, or theatre.
  4. Tickets to a play, movie or concert.
  5. Pay for a class to learn something new like a cooking class, golf lesson or a dance class.
  6. Money to go toward a trip she really wants to take.
  7. A day at a spa. 
  8. A local wine tasting, homes tour, the ideas are endless! 

If your Grandma is interested in family heritage and preserving family history and memories, here are some cool ideas. 

  1. Have family photos and videos digitized. Put them on digital storage devices to keep them safe. It also makes it easier when she wants to post them on social media and show them to family and friends on the computer or television.
  2. Get her a subscription to and take it a step further and buy her a DNA Test Kit so she can learn more about her family.
  3. Buy her a digital painting of her beloved home or childhood home here
  4. Buy her a Grandmother’s Journal from Amazon so she can record her history and memories for her grandkids.Grandmother's Journal: Memories and Keepsakes for My Grandchild

Gift Help

  1. Hire a maid to clean the house before a big event or holiday. 
  2. Hire a landscaper to finally get that yard project completed. 
  3. Hire a home organizer to help her clear out, downsize and organize the attic, garage, basement or closets. 
  4. Buy her a subscription to one of those food prep services like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh or SunbasketImage result for hello fresh

Gift Your Time

To be honest, most grandparents have what they need and want. They really just want time to spend with their kids and grandkids. One of the best things you can give Grandma is time. But what do you do? Sit around and stare at each other? Think about what Grandma would want to do and do it!

  1. Drive her around her childhood town or neighborhood and let her tell you and the grandkids all her childhood stories. 
  2. Hook up the computer to the television, pop popcorn and have an old-fashioned slide show and let her share memories. 
  3. Fix a good dinner and ask her questions about her life and your life and have a good time! 
  4. Let her take you to the family cemeteries and tell you all about your family. 
  5. Go to dinner and a movie, or theatre production or concert. 
  6. Go on a road trip together. 

Gift the Future

Most Grandparents think about the future and what will be left for their kids and grandkids. We worry about this world and the things that are going on in it. If your Grandma is concerned about the environment, make a donation to her favorite organization in her name. Adopt a wild animal for her. Support an organization that saves the ocean.  

If you just have to buy a gift…

  1. Rethink the Grandma jewelry. Go to Etsy and find something trendy and cool.
  2. Visit www.uncommongoods.comand find upgraded and artistic versions of basic gifts.

Family Tree Chime

3. Instead of buying her something practical, buy her something that’s a little more extravagant like a name brand purse or perfume. Imagine that she was in her 20s, what would she like? Spoil her, pamper her!

Now, just when she’s expecting another set of dishtowels or a pair of slippers, surprise her with something unique and awesome!






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