Black & White Halloween Front Porch

Black & White Halloween Front Porch

Black and white is my favorite color scheme this Halloween and I said in my Black & White Halloween post that I’d give more details about my front porch display in another post, so here I am.


I have a favorite buffalo check rug that I put on my front porch under my doormat. So, I thought I’d use that as my theme for my front porch Halloween decoration this year.

I keep a little white stool on the front porch to decorate with and to add height to any display. I put some lighted twigs in my galvanized umbrella holder and put it in the corner for some extra lighting.

Then I thought I’d try my hand at painting a couple of paper mache pumpkins and one pie pumpkin.


I decided to paint a buffalo check style pattern on one, a spider web on the other and created a bat with the pie pumpkin.


The buffalo plaid is the saddest thing I’ve seen, haha! I couldn’t get straight lines because the paper mache was so bumpy, so I just gave up and “winged” it. For the spider web, I used a chalk marker which made it so easy. You can’t really see but I put a fake spider on the pumpkin stem. I etched the eyes of the bat out of the pie pumpkin allowing the orange to show through. I dabbed some black paint for the pupils. It really pops even in the daytime. I cut out ears and wings and attached them by hammering toothpicks through the foam into the pumpkin to secure them. The toothpick pieces that you could see sticking out, I painted black.


On the right side of my door, I have a hook for a wreath. I decided to use my black metal planter for the container. I went to Michael’s craft store and bought a random selection of black, scary-looking things to put in it. Then I added a raven for fun. Everything was 50% off because it was so late in the “season” I guess.

So, that’s it! I hope I gave you enough info to copy this look if you want to. By the time this post goes live you can probably find some good end of season deals at the craft stores for next year!

Happy Halloween!

Black & White


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