Harry Potter-esque Halloween Display

Harry Potter-esque Halloween Display

I mentioned that I had made a Harry Potter-esque Halloween display in my Black & White Halloween post. So, I wanted to give you more detail about it here.

This past year my daughter-in-law read the whole Harry Potter series and we watched all the movies, most of them together. And I fell in love with the series. So, as a nod to Harry (who happens to have the same birthday as I do!), I decided to make a Halloween display with a Harry Potter feel.


So, I went through my house and found a few odds and ends that gave me the feeling of an old library or apothecary shop. I found an old wooden drawer, a few old books to stack up, some pumpkins that I wasn’t using in any other way, a globe, an owl bust, candlestick and an old wooden batik stamp that didn’t really fit the theme, but looked weird and old.


I added some battery-powered candles that looked already burned down a little. I rolled up some scrapbook paper and tied it with twine and ribbon to look like scrolls of parchment. I filled some bottles that had cork lids with colored water and sparkling sugar that gave the appearance of mysterious potions. (I need to add some labels, which are pretty easy to find online)


I think my favorite thing is the table runner I made with some French script fabric I found at Hobby Lobby. Table runners are so easy to make: just lay the fabric out on the table, cut the fabric to the size you want and hem all four edges.


I bet you can make a Harry Potter display with some old things you have around your house!

Happy Halloween!

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