Czech-Tex Hot Dogs

Czech-Tex Hot Dogs

These Kielbasas topped with Sauerkraut and Chili Con Carne not as weird as you might think, at least not here in Texas.


I did a lot of research before moving to Houston and I found that Central Texas had been settled by Czechs as well as Austrian, German, Bohemian, Slovak and Moravian settlers.

I didn’t know just how much influence they had on the area until I started living here. Every place and street have German-sounding names. Sausages are a big deal. Kolache shops are everywhere. German Festivals are held in many towns. There’s a Czech Museum in Houston. They certainly have made their presence known.

So, when once again I went to my Texas Eats Cookbook and I made Robb’s Chili Con Carne, I also found the recipe for “Janak’s Hot Dogs “All the Way.” I had to make them for Husband. I knew his Czech DNA would be excited.

He really, really like them but he wanted the Chili Con Carne a little spicier. So, I suggest adding some cayenne or more hot sauce. Go for it! Enjoy!

Janak’s Hot Dogs “All The Way” from Texas Eats by Robb Walsh

2 Mexican bolillos (Mexican rolls) or hot dog buns

2 Czech sausages or frankfurters (I used kielbasa)


1 cup drained sauerkraut

1 cup Chili Con Carne Sauce

Split the buns and toast them. Cook the sausages in simmering but not boiling water or on a griddle until done. Spread the buns with mustard. Place a sausage on each bun and top with sauerkraut on one side and Chili Con Carne Sauce on the other.




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