Ren Fest Preview

Ren Fest Preview


Our small town is hosts the annual Texas Renaissance Festival. So, to promote the festival and give the “characters” a chance to work on their performances and costumes the town holds a preview to the festival.


Instead of a town square, my town has a “Stroll” which is a long path that runs the length of a few blocks. It is on this stroll that business and vendors can pitch tents to sell their wares. Along this path the Renaissance Festival characters mixed with the visitors and practiced staying in character.

As we strolled along the path, we found that we traveled through medieval times in different countries as expressed in their costumes and a few activities.

Along the Stroll is our town’s local craft brewery, Lone Pint. They had a band complete with a bagpipe player.

A fun time was had by all!

Thanks Magnolia!


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