How To Celebrate Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Turn 60

How To Celebrate Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Turn 60


So, the husband turned 60 a few weeks ago. He was not happy. He has never liked birthdays, but the 60th one really got to him.

However, there was no way I was going to let this milestone pass without recognition.

And the thing about “birthday haters” is that they tend to forget that the people who love them want to celebrate the fact that the person they love so much was born! In my opinion, it’s a bit selfish to put a no celebrating ban on your birthday. So, ignoring his moaning and eye-rolling and blowing about it, I pressed on.

Because how can anyone be unhappy while having love heaped on them from their family?

So, I planned a party even though I knew he would be annoyed but I knew his kids and grandkids would enjoy. And I knew he would soften up once he felt the love! Of course, I kept it in the realm that I knew he could tolerate. I mean, I didn’t go hog-wild, haha!

Secret Birthday Messages

We kept it just among the family, kids, and grandkids. However, I did send out secret messages to old friends and family on Facebook and asked them to pen a birthday message for him to read. The messages were quite nice and very meaningful.

60 Things We Love About You

My daughter made a poster filled with 60 Things We Love About You. It was incredibly sweet, funny and touching. He keeps it in his closet now where he can look at it every day.


Through the Years Cupcake Toppers

I made him some sugar-free cupcakes and we had fun printing out old photos of him and taping them to toothpicks for cupcake toppers. So funny! He got a real kick out of seeing himself on top of cupcakes! (BTW, Gideon helped me ice the cupcakes.)


This Is Your Life Movie

I spent some time, like days on end, hidden away in my office to make an iMovie presentation. I divided his life into decades and for each decade I included old family photos (thanks to my incredible father-in-law who scanned and gave us copies of beautiful family photos!) and special cultural events like the moon landing, the music of the time, popular commercials, and other things so that our kids and grandkids could get a feel for the times he lived through.

Decades T-Shirts

And for each decade, I went on Amazon and bought a t-shirt to celebrate something that happened in that decade. He loves t-shirts and wears one every day so it was an appropriate gift for him.Image result for mens tshirt vintage 1959 aged to perfection original parts

Star Wars Death Star Darth Vader New Hope Return Jedi Empire Strikes Adult Men's Graphic Tee T-Shirt Apparel (X-Large) Black


Favorite Meal

We wanted to have fun and not be stressed and heat up my daughter’s Texas house by cooking all day so we ordered Mexican take-out from one of the finest Mexican restaurants in Dallas.

Then we sat around, ate good food, tearfully read special messages from friends we haven’t seen in years, belly laughed at the old photos and 60s and 70s commercials and the grandkids danced to some of our favorite tunes from High School days.

So, how do you celebrate someone who doesn’t want to turn 60? Heap love, good food, laughter, time well spent with loved ones and gifts on them. How can they be miserable while in the midst of that?

By the way, he said that he loved every minute of it and it really did soften the blow of turning 60.



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