Manny’s Super Easy Lion King Birthday Party

Manny’s Super Easy Lion King Birthday Party

It seems like most of the people in our family have birthdays in the summer. So, from May to the end of August we have a string of parties.

This year, Grandboy #2, Manny, had his 3rd birthday.


His Mom and Dad were throwing him a Lion King birthday party because he loves the cartoon “Lion Guard” and the live-action Lion King movie was coming out near his birthday.

Being busy, his Mom scaled-down the party to a very manageable and very cute and fun event.

She asked me to make a sheet cake iced with sunset colors and a silhouetted acacia tree so we could put some Lion King toys on the top for decoration. So, like I did for Grandboy #1’s birthday, I ordered a sheet cake and had them do the sunset design for us. I cut out the acacia tree silhouette and we put the toys on top.


They had the party at a local park, in the evening, after dinner so no need to provide food. The decor was super simple but great. Manny’s Mom made an incredibly cute pennant banner for the table with stylized images of the Lion King characters.


They hung photos from Manny’s first 2 years in a tree.


and they laid out blankets for guests to sit on while they ate their cake. The kids played on the playground.

Everyone had fun! It was a super easy, super cute party!


If you’re interested in duplicating this cake, we ordered the cake from Kroger and I googled a silhouette of an African tree and bought black fondant from Amazon and cut it out. You can also get the Lion King toys on Amazon. If you want to know how to make the pennant, leave me a message and I’ll get in touch with my daughter-in-law. 


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