Fabulously Easy Shark Birthday Cake!

Fabulously Easy Shark Birthday Cake!


This year the Grandboys turn 3!

And it seems that I’ve created a tradition of making their birthday cakes. I am totally fine with that! I know it’s going to be short-lived. They’re going to get older and start being embarrassed by those “grandma-made cakes.” Maybe not, but I’m prepared if that’s the case.

So, the first two years the cakes were completely hand-made and now I’ve decided to make things a whole lot easier.

Here’s the formula:

Store-bought cake + extra decorations + toys = Fabulously Easy! 

Grandboy #1 had a pool party with an ocean-themed party. So I ordered a sheet cake from the local grocery store bakery and had them ice it in a light blue.

I then went on Amazon and ordered a Playmobil Diving Trip set, a Playmobil Hammerhead shark and baby set, and a Playmobil dolphin and baby set.

I also bought some nautical flags and shark fin picks.

The week before the party I bought some white fondant and a sea life candy mold.

I made the starfish, seaweed and seashell decorations, painted them with edible luster dust and let them dry out.

The day of the party, I picked up the cake and did some extra piping. I added waves along the bottom. Then I added the decorations and the toys. I did some piping around the diver and shark fins. I also added edible pearls for bubbles and a mermaid tail! I sprinkled some coarse sugar crystals around to look like sparkly sand/salt. The picks and tall, skinny candles for height were added.


(The cake got a little smushed on that left corner. Texas heat, transporting it and running the box into a wall, haha!)

The beauty of doing a cake this way is that there is no doubt the cake will be good if your bakery is good. It’s easy. And the toys are a gift to the birthday boy/girl!

The next Grandboy birthday is a Lion King party! The toys are already purchased!

Semi-homemade is the way to go!



Easy shark birthday cake




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