Texas Bluebonnets

Texas Bluebonnets

I had a friend who once drove from Georgia to Texas during Spring Break just to see the Texas Bluebonnets. I didn’t understand.

But now that I’m living here in Texas during Spring, I have to say it’s beautiful and I get it.

The bluebonnets got me, they beguiled me into finally seeing the beauty of Texas.

It looks like the Bluebonnets are the herald of Spring for Texas. They show up first to announce the most beautiful time of the year here.

The Bluebonnets are followed by the Indian Paintbrush, Indian Blanket and the Mexican Evening Primrose. The flowers bloom in waves so that you can drive through the same area week after week and get a new, colorful show each time.

This reluctant Texan has been won over. Those bluebonnets are sneaky.

And, I have discovered that Texans take photos of their kids in the Bluebonnets each year. Well, not just kids, I saw a grown man reclining in a bed of Bluebonnets taking a selfie. It’s a thing here.

Here’s R We There Yet Mom ‘s tips for taking Bluebonnet photos. Just in case you’re in Texas.




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