Washable Rugs & Compact Diaper Bags? Yes, Please!

I just have to bring up these 2 items because I think they are really awesome. And while they would be perfect for parents, I think grandparents could benefit from them, too! Because when we babysit, these would help SO much!

Bluesnail Compact Diaper Bag

I saw a more expensive one on storq.com ($48) but then I searched on Amazon and found this one that seems comparable in function for $15.45! It has everything you need for a quick change! Just click on the image to be taken to amazon.com

When are we going to start having Baby Showers for Grandparents? Huh?

Image result for bluesnail portable clutch diaper bag gray amazon

Washable Rugs! 

The second really cool item my nieces told me about. They both bought washable rugs at Rugs USA   and they love them! 

The company has different sizes and prices starting at $79.99!

There are also washable rugs at Ruggable.com and the Business Insider review gives you a great description of how they work in case you’re curious. They also say they are brilliant!

Kids and pets and poop and puke! How great to be able to take the interchangeable cover off and throw it in the washer!

Image result for washable area rugs pad and cover ruggable

And you know me and Amazon – they have Ruggable Rugs for sale there, too! Just click on this rug to be taken to Amazon so you can compare prices

Image result for washable area rugs usa

Where was this stuff when my kids were little?


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