The Best Toys For Grandma’s House

I never knew my grandparents but I do remember going to the homes of older people as a kid. There are a few things I remember. I remember the smell of an old person’s home. The temperature of an old person’s home and the things or “toys” we were allowed to play with.

While the first two things can be easily handled by getting some plug-ins and turning on the air conditioner, the big issue is Grandma’s toy selection. Most of the time it’s just sad. I vowed, even before I became a grandmother, that I would have fun toys at my house.

So, in this post, I want to link you up with some classic toys that the grandkids will love. You don’t always have to have the latest, trendiest toys. You can get some classics that will last through several grandkids and won’t put you into debtor’s prison.

The green words are a link straight to Amazon.

For the little ones 0-12 months:

Stacking Rings


Pop Up Activity Toy

Play Mat


For the toddlers 1-4 years:


Duplo blocks


Age Appropriate Doll House or this awesome Farm Set

Animal figurines

Play Tents, Teepees and tunnels


For the bigger kids 5-7

(You can never have too many of these!) 

Legos, Legos, Legos 




Classic Games Like Checkers & Chess


Sports Equipment Like Soccer Balls Footballs and Basketballs


These are classic, simple and have been popular through the years!

Stock up and get ready for the grandkids!


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