Thinking About A Spicy Shelf To Organize Your Spices? Here’s My Experience

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My spice cabinet has been getting on my last nerve.

I’ve been in my new house for 6 months now.  I left a wonderful, huge pantry that I designed with a wall of small shelves just for spices. The shelves for spices were the perfect depth for one spice bottle and they were long enough to fit about 20+ bottles across. I could walk in my pantry and see all my spices all at once. It was spice organization heaven. I was spoiled.

Now I have a cabinet by the stove hood.


It was getting on my nerves because I can’t see what I have at glance. I have to dig around, push stuff out of the way. I hate it. And the spice collection I have is only going to grow, so I need help!

I looked around for organization ideas. I came across this product with the corny name, Spicy Shelf.

There are two Spicy Shelves in this particular box. I guess it’s really one if you stack them like they’ve done in the photo.

The first thing I really liked about this product was you have several size options to choose from. It has the flexibility to quite possibly fit the space you have. In regards to the width, it can be shrunk or stretched to fit your cabinet. There, of course, is a limit and you should check the dimensions to be sure it will fit in the area you need. In regards to height, you have 2 leg heights to choose from. You can attach the longer legs on the bottom shelf and the shorter legs for the top shelf as seen in the photo on the box. Or you can use the leg lengths in any combination to fit your needs. Make sure you think about this because you may have to remove or readjust the existing shelves in your cabinet like I did. And if your existing shelves can’t be adjusted, you need to really check out the dimensions. This is from the Amazon details for this product:

Each Spicy Shelf Deluxe can be adjusted to as narrow as 7.5” to as wide as 17”. The depth of the shelf is 10 3/8”.

You can use one shelf alone, as I did. Or you can stack them like the photo on the box. The legs make it so it can stand alone or you can install it with screws inside your cabinet.

It was easy to put together. The instructions were clear. The feet have rubber pads and it was pretty sturdy so it felt good, not like it was going to break apart at the slightest touch.

The shelves are narrow, the width of a spice bottle, but I did use the second one in my pantry closet for canned goods and it was fine.

After all is said and done, it really didn’t hold as many spice bottles as I would like, but remember I’m spoiled!


And it didn’t magically transform my little cabinet into a huge pantry like I wished. I still have to move things around to see everything I have. But it’s better than it was!


Since my goal was to be able to SEE everything I had, I think this is the best product I’ve come across. If you want to be able to stock as many spices and as many canned goods as you can in a given space, this is not what you’re after. You can see in my photos that there’s wasted space. But remember my goal was to SEE it all.

I think it’s a great product and I recommend it! Buy Spicy Shelf on Amazon here!

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