Valentine’s Day These Days

Charles and Diana were just starting their relationship. Christopher Cross, Michael Jackson and K.C. and  The Sunshine Band were in the top 10. We were watching “The Shining,” “The Empire Strikes Back” and “The Blues Brothers” at the movies. We didn’t have a cell phone or internet or a home computer. It was the ice age.

Our first date was my senior prom. He graduated from college and I graduated from high school the same year.

first date

That seems like a million years ago and not so long ago at the same time.

So, 39 Valentine’s Days later and we’re still here.

What I like about these days is that the pressure is off.

We don’t need to impress. We don’t need to guess.

You can say the romance is gone, the mystery is gone, the hype is gone, the intensity is gone, you can say whatever you want to is gone… but I say it’s better.

We live in the afterglow. After the party. After the kids have gone to bed. It’s like Friday after work. After an enjoyable meal. After all the hard work is completed. After all the stress and after all the expectations are met and you just settle into that comfortable, satisfied, relaxed state of afterglow.

That’s what life is like now.

I used to fight it. I used to feel guilty like I should be doing more, getting more, being more. I’d push and press and shove to make our life and our love fit a mold that honestly didn’t fit us.

39 years later and we’re just tired of reaching for something that we actually had all along. We have each other. We love each other. No need to prove it with something from the store. No need to worry, it’s been tested and proved. We ain’t going nowhere.

I really like the chilled out, laid back easy going vibe we have going on. We don’t want much these days. We don’t need much these days. Whatever we want we usually buy for ourselves. Wherever we want to go, we go.

jill and steave

So, for Valentine’s Day we’ll probably do one of our favorite things: get in the car and go someplace new. We’ll hold hands and laugh and eat and see someplace we’ve never seen.

So, this Valentine’s Day I encourage you to chill, do what makes you happy and savor the moments you have with the people you love. When it all boils down, that’s the most valuable and precious gift we can give and receive, spending time with the people we love.

Raise your glass for these “after” days!


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day These Days

  1. I’ve never heard it said better. You nailed it. This is exactly what happens when you just enjoy being around each other and you feel like an old, comfortable pair of shoes. The outer part may not look too appealing anymore but the comfortable, enjoyable beauty will always be there.
    Here’s to comfortable old shoes.

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