Last Minute Unique Valentine’s Gifts

My last post was about being a minimalist Valentine’s gift giver which, to me, means being a thoughtful gift giver. I told you about how I’m not really cut out for Valentine’s Day because I don’t really like all the typical gifts that are usually associated with the day. I encouraged you to think about the person and spend your hard-earned money on something they’d really like instead of just giving the typical gift just to meet the expectation of the day.

So, here are some gifts I found on Amazon that are unique and just might be the exact thing you’re looking for for your Valentine! If you order it tonight or tomorrow and get 2-day shipping, it will arrive just in time!


  1. For the person who loves Star Wars and loves to cook!

star wars cooker


2. Seed Bombs for the Guerilla Gardener!

seed balls


3. For the beach bum who’s still a kid at heart



4. Woodstock Candy. You can choose from several different years or choose 1969, the year of Woodstock!



5. This beautiful Moon Lamp!

moon lamp


6. Toilet Bowl Light for those who have a difficult time hitting the target!

toilet light


7. Window bird feeder

bird feeder


8. A hat with bluetooth speakers built in? Yes, please! Perfect for the walker!

bluetooth hat

9. Is your Valentine getting into meditation? They’ll love this Tibetan Singing Bowl!


10. Bath Bombs are the bomb this year!

bath bombs


Happy Valentine’s Day!



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