The Dirty Truth


This post might seem a little obvious or silly to even bring up, but I think there might be people out there like me and you might need this.

If you’re my age, middle-aged or older you have probably run the gamut of cleaning products. You pretty much know what works for you and what doesn’t. However, being human, we fall prey to advertising and product promises and we try new products hoping for something that will make our lives easier and make cleaning quicker.

I’ve tried them all. I’ve spent a fortune. But I’ll be honest, I have come to find out that what I really want is a maid. Products make big promises, but I still have to squeeze that trigger and wipe that door! Sad, isn’t it that I’m that lazy?

I know this about myself, but I keep going to the store and buying more products. Buying a “new” cleaning product makes me happy because it fills me with the hope that the drudgery and physical pain of cleaning will dissolve with that first spray of cleaner! Unfortunately, all I end up with is a cluttered cabinet full of chemicals and sore muscles.

When I look at that cabinet and think of all the money I’ve spent on trying this cleaner or that cleaner and I think I could have hired a maid for what I’ve spent. Let me be transparent, the problem isn’t that I haven’t found the right cleaner, it’s that I don’t want to do the work!

So, unless some company creates a product that magically produces a maid when you spray it, I’m stuck with scrubbing my shower.

And I know what product works. So, I have to pull up my big girl panties and get to scrubbing and quit wasting money and cluttering up my cabinets.

So, what I want to do in this post is to give you permission to throw out all those barely used bottles of cleaner. Get down to the ones that really work for your home. Just go ahead and feel guilty about all the money you’ve wasted – that feeling will pass. And be resolved to not fall prey to product promises and admit with me that we just hate to clean! 

And I want to say, at my age, it HURTS to clean! The bending, the kneeling, the stretching, the contortions we have to perform to clean just flat-out hurts my body now! I used to be able to clean my whole house on a Saturday – and get the laundry done. Now, it takes me a whole week!

There you go, the dirty truth. I hate to clean and I waste money on products that promise that my life will be easier and happier. But no more! I’m going to price maid services, haha!






3 thoughts on “The Dirty Truth

  1. Jill, I don’t know if you’ve tried it, but I got desperate. I have an over 30 year old fiberglass shower. It wants to seal in dirt like concrete. Hate scrubbing it. I attached a scrubber to a drill motor. Now, we’re talking. A little sore from hanging onto that thing, but less scrubbing!

  2. Hi Jill-
    I know this behavior too. They are “aspirational purchases”, and reflect the person we wish we were. Think exercise equipment and clothes, hobby and craft supplies that don’t get used, cookbooks that sit on the shelf- because although I wish I was a person who exercised daily, made cute handmade items and cooked a beautiful meal, I’m really not that person. It’s pretend!
    The truth hurts, however, it does feel good to stop the behavior once you have recognized your authentic self.

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