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As I’m working on this new book, “Minimalist Grandma” I can’t help but see all the books and blogs and help that has come out of the woodwork on the topic of decluttering and organization. I wonder if my voice will make a bit of difference. I’m thinking that because my book will be geared toward middle-aged women, I might find an audience there.

Anyway, I’m watching my grandson #2 while my daughter-in-law is recovering from wisdom teeth surgery. So, I had just a minute to post this idea.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the idea of decluttering or minimizing your life, let me suggest doing one thing in one room in one day. Then do a different thing on another day. Do it for as many days as you want. Here are some ideas focusing on the problem areas (I cover problem areas in my book.)

Bedroom:  Get rid of all those clothes that you think you might fit into one day.

Bathroom: Narrow down the products you use to one product per use – One shampoo, one conditioner, one body wash, one foundation, one blush, etc.

Living Room: Look at all your surfaces, shelves and tabletops. Clear off all the knick-knacks, dust, then put back only the ones you really love and look great. Everything must have a place.

Kitchen: Declutter your cleaning products. Choose the ones that work the best for your home and get rid of the rest. If it will help, buy a bucket or plastic dishpan and make all your cleaners fit in that one container. With your experience, you know what products work and which ones don’t. You are not required to keep all the ones that don’t work. Just toss them!

Entry/Foyer: Clean out your purse.

There you go, 5 days of ideas! Remember, take decluttering at your own speed. Every little thing helps!




3 thoughts on “Do One Thing In One Room in One Day

  1. I’m trying, I’m trying. But that is a great idea, especially since I get tired very quickly. And I also watch the grandkids so when I finally can I try to squeeze in a little decluttering. Even if I am in the kitchen cooking and come across some things in the drawer that I havent used (or cant figure out what it is for) – it goes into the garbage or giveaway bag. How did we accumulate so much.

    1. That the way you do it, Sister! That’s awesome that you have a giveaway bag, I did the same thing. I kept it by the front door so I’d remind myself to take it when I went out. You know, it takes time, be patient with yourself.

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