Let’s Get Real about Minimalism & Getting Older

I’m working on my new book called, “Minimalist Grandma” and it’s for women in their mid to later years. I’m writing it for that audience because that’s when we really need to take the idea of minimalism seriously. Because…

  1. TBH, you are getting older and you WILL be forced to minimize your possessions eventually. It is inevitable. If you don’t do it, your kids will. Do it now while you can make the decisions and while you can still bend over.
  2. It takes too much time and money to maintain a bunch of stuff. So, get rid of it.
  3. You’ve spent your life taking care of a home full of stuff. Why not spend your time now doing stuff you want to do?
  4. You don’t want a house full of crap to trip over and break your hip.
  5. Cool grandmas put on their Converse and The Beatles and dance with their grandkids in the kitchen.


When people think of minimalism they often think of white, stark, austere homes. It doesn’t have to be that way. Keep your collections and trinkets, just keep them because you love them not because you’re lazy. And don’t keep them if it makes your house dangerous and dirty. Maybe you could just slim down the collection a bit.

After you’ve minimized and organized that doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way. You have to maintain it. See my last post about hating to do dishes. But, minimizing means it doesn’t take as long to deal with the stuff because there’s less of it.

By maintaining a decluttered and organized home, you can avoid some of the reasons why people hate being around old people:

  1. They smell weird – if you minimize you can quickly and easily clean your home and spray air freshener so your house won’t smell like eggs, coffee, joint ointment, and that mysterious musty smell. And you have more time to bathe so you won’t smell like that either
  2. They are stuck in the old days – if you minimize you have more time to get on social media and stalk your grandchildren and read articles to keep you up to date.
  3. They’re boring – if you minimize you’ll have more time and money to do fun things like parasailing (shout out to my 80 something-year-old hero and father-in-law!)
  4. They are depressing – if you have more time to stalk your grandchildren on social media, read articles in “Rolling Stone” magazine, watch the latest releases on Netflix, go parasailing and hiking, you’ll have more interesting things to talk about than all your ailments, your friend’s funerals and when you might have a date with the grim reaper.

So, to all my tribe out there, you should consider minimizing. I have found it to be quite liberating!

Peace, freedom and The Beatles,




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