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Well, here I am, up at 4 in the morning. I used to make fun of “old” people and their habit of waking up at 4am and eating dinner at 4pm and here I am doing that very thing!

I thought I’d just give you some snippets of thoughts today.

In Local News…

Just recently I took a map of Texas and I outlined the natural regions of the state. I know, I’m kinda weird like that. I just wanted to see where I lived and how it was defined. It was interesting, I found that I live at the edge of about 3 different regions: Gulf Coast subtropical, prairies, and piney woods. I guess that explains the sometimes weird weather here.

I started a 3-gallon fish tank. I have a beta fish named Elvis and a catfish named Ron Swanson, because of the mustache and attitude.

In World News…

So, last night Husband had to go to Home Depot and I went with him. Living here in the “outer suburbs” I sometimes feel like a character in an old Western when I have to “go into town” for supplies.

He went into the store and I stayed in the car. I had my phone and I wanted to check my blog to see if there were any comments I need to reply to, so I Googled my name to locate my blog and lo and behold I saw that my books had made it to Barnes and Noble, Walmart (Haha!), ABE Books, Thriftbooks and I saw that they had made it to sites in Japan, Norway, The Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, the UK, and Australia. So crazy! I noticed that some of my books had been sold in those countries through Amazon, but now they’re being sold on other sites as well.

I also had one of those knowledge panels pop up on Google with my name and “author.” So, I guess if Google calls me an author, then it’s official.

However, there’s still a matter of my shower needing cleaning.

Speaking of Cleaning…

I’m working on a new book based on my blog and my experience in decluttering called, “Minimalist Grandma.” I’ll be submitting it to a publisher soon. Cross your fingers!

Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!




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  1. That’s wonderful news about your books! I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to get a copy of Minimalist Grandma. 💕

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