Research Shows Clutter Causes Stress



There was an article in The Washington Post today that shared the results of a study that was done about how clutter affects people.

The study proved that clutter can cause stress and raised cortisol levels in people living in it. The study showed that women are mostly more stressed about it than men because the burden of cleaning and maintaining the home still falls mostly to women.

The study also supported my constantly repeated idea, “You have to develop systems and routines to maintain the decluttered lifestyle otherwise it’s a waste of time.” Here’s a quote from the actual study that jumped out at me:

“Overall our findings suggest that a general propensity to procrastinate when it comes to attending to routine, everyday tasks, such as sorting and disposing of personal inventory items, can lead to clutter.” See! You have to keep up those organizing systems and routines!” 

And it continues, “Clutter while often regarded as a seemingly innocuous and common problem among adults, can escalate as people accumulate more possessions, and fail to routinely review their burgeoning inventories. At the extreme, clutter can reduce a person’s general satisfaction with life.” 

from NYT link from Current Psychology, June 2018, Vol. 37, Issue 2, pp 426-431

The underlining is me, haha!

In reality, we didn’t need scientific research to show that clutter stresses us out, we live with it!

So, let this study be an encouragement, a catalyst and a kick in the butt to get you motivated to start decluttering and organizing. Seriously, it will really help your overall well-being.

Peace and storage bins,




One thought on “Research Shows Clutter Causes Stress

  1. Sometimes you just cant get out from under the clutter, especially when hubby “keeps” everything. Although I have been accused of throwing out his stuff….lol

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