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As I was getting ready for my day and thinking through what I needed/wanted to do, I thought I might write a post about the things I do periodically to stay decluttered and organized. And lo and behold one of my readers said she was doing the same thing and would appreciate suggestions.

We are on the same page, Joy!

It’s really easy to lose the initial feeling of freedom and happiness after you’ve lightened your load by decluttering and organizing your stuff. So, it’s not unusual for clutter to creep back in and set up residence. It’s also normal to slack on the habits that help you maintain a minimalist life.

So, let’s don’t waste time and energy beating ourselves up. Let’s just get back on track.

After you’ve gone through the process of decluttering, minimizing, simplifying and organizing your home, it’s really not difficult to get back on track.

Since I just moved into a new house, I haven’t really found my best systems yet because it takes some time to adjust to a new house and find the right place for all the stuff – because everything must have a place.  So, I’ll be killing two birds with one stone by doing these New Year updates.

  1. Since it’s January, it’s time to go through my files and safe and update them. So, I will take all of last year’s bill statements and payment receipts and put them in a labeled file and put it in my plastic file box (the one that I only get into when I need to – you can see a post about that on “An Organized 2019” page.) I will quickly go back through the files and the safe, make sure I have updated information and papers. I’ll double check my bill paying system to make sure it’s working.
  2. Since I’m going through the files, I will make sure that I gather everything I need for taxes. It’s not a difficult job since I have a manilla folder that I keep at my desk and I’ve been putting receipts and documents all year to make tax time easier.
  3. While I’m at it, I’ll probably go through my digital files as well. I’ll clean out my email, clear out some old documents, download all my photos from my phone and collect any that I want from social media and put them on a thumb drive (I talk about photos on a Bonus Content post on “An Organized 2019!” page.)
  4. I’m feeling a little claustrophobic in my closet, so it’s time to go back through my clothes. I will do my pseudo-KonMari system and put ALL my clothes on my bed. Go through each piece one-by-one and if it doesn’t fit, doesn’t fit right, if I don’t love it or if I haven’t worn it in a year – out it goes! 
  5. I’ve been clearing out the fridge, freezer and pantry after the holidays. I’ve been trying to use up food that I had planned for the holiday but didn’t use by donating it if I can or throwing it out. I also want to get rid of all the treats so I won’t eat them!!
  6. I am making some plans and goals for the new year with my calendar so I can be sure to save for trips and make sure Husband can take the time off from work and we can budget for the things we want to do.
  7. I’ll be making “sweeps” through the house again and noticing any clutter that I can get rid of. I’ll tune up my systems and cleaning schedule to see if I need to change anything to fit my life as it is right now.

That might seem like a lot, but I’ll do it as I have time. I don’t stress out about it.

I really think making “sweeps” through your house periodically with the mind of noticing the clutter and the things that slow you down or bog you down or make you unhappy is a good way to keep your life simplified.

And as much as we need to keep on top of STUFF, I think we need to keep on top of how our TIME gets cluttered, too.

I hope that helps! I guess I need to go to work on the list above.

Don’t forget to check out my “An Organized 2019!” page and feel free to share it. Thanks!

Happy New Year and Peace,




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