Weird Places

The husband is using up some vacation days before he loses them so we’ve been going out, doing some Christmas shopping and taking time to explore in the area.

We are about 3 and a half months living here now and I like to get out, explore, put my feet on the ground and get a feel for the place and “own” it.

Husband is a bicyclist and wanted to check out a greenway and some trails in a town near us, so we went out and found this really weird place.


It was near the banks of Spring Creek and in an area that was horribly flooded during Hurricane Harvey. We first came upon these tree, cedars, I think. very swampy and quiet except for the splashes of frogs or turtles taking shelter in the water.

Up a small hill and we saw Spring Creek.



You could still see evidence of rising water and flooding.


You can see a little from this shot that almost all the smaller trees were bent to my left. The creek is on my right here. I can’t imagine the water being that high, but it was weird how all the trees were bent in one direction and there were leaves and branches and trash high up in the trees and it couldn’t have gotten there except by rising water. Scary to think of that much water.

Kind of a spooky place.

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