I Hate Wrapping Gifts!

I don’t know what happened to me through the years. I used to love wrapping gifts. It was creative and fun but now, YUK! I especially hate it when I put it off and I have a hundred gifts to wrap at the last minute in an hours-long wrapping marathon. UGGGH!

Remember that I told you that I had already finished shopping? I still can’t believe it! And since I did most of my shopping online (because we live so far from good stores now) I’m getting a package almost every day. In order to stay on top of the chore, I have promised myself that I would wrap the gifts as they come to the mailbox.

And as a preemptive measure, I’ve been watching gift wrapping hacks on YouTube for inspiration and encouragement and hopefully some tips to take the pain out of it. Here’s a LINK to a good tutorial by Hermione Chantal.

I have found making my own gift bags for those awkwardly shaped gifts especially helpful this year. I really hate buying gift wrap AND bags. So, this solves that problem. It’s really not that difficult to do and I think it looks pretty good.


Happy wrapping – if that’s possible, haha!






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