Day Trippin’

One of my favorite things to do these days is to get in the car and explore places I’ve never been. The husband and I just like to drive and see things. So, Monday we went down to Matagorda Bay. A beeeeeautiful place!

Before we left we ate at a local, interesting place that we’ve driven by many times and finally figured out their hours. It’s called The Treehouse Cafe and while it’s not actually a treehouse, it is a little shack tucked away in the woods. You have to walk down a path to it and whoever built it and decorated it has quite the sense of humor. While we enjoyed the uniqueness of the place we also found that the food was really quite good.


Then we headed south toward the Gulf. We crossed the Colorado River and saw a dinosaur.



And not very long later we were at Matagorda Bay.


We will definitely be making a return trip.




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