Advent Celebration, Planning Ahead

I know it’s a little early to be talking about Advent and Christmas, but I wanted to remind you all that I wrote an Advent celebration last year and in case you didn’t get it, you might want to check it out for this year.

I wrote this Advent celebration for families because I have a passion for families to be close, stay close and teach the next generation about their heritage. I want kids to know their family’s stories!

It’s so important for kids to know where they came from and the great people from whom they come. And so I thought while we’re remembering Jesus and the story of His birth, let’s remember our family’s stories, too.

When God calls people to be His followers and servants, He calls the WHOLE family. In doing family research I have found that many families have generations of pastors, church planters, worship leaders, Bible teachers, and the like.

And if you think you are the first generation Christian in your family, then use this celebration to celebrate the beginnings of your faith and the new direction your family has taken.

Begin to influence future generations of your family to follow and serve Christ and impact the world!

Here’s the link to my celebration Raising Disciples Family Advent Celebration. 

It’s only available digitally at the moment, hopefully, you can get it in print in the next few weeks. I’ll let you know.

Please share the link to my blog: with anyone who might like this resource. I appreciate it!


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