Daughter’s Anniversary Visit

We were happy to have our daughter and her family here for a few days! It was her and Michael’s anniversary so they decided to come see us, go out to dinner and use the built-in babysitters and then hit the beach.

I had a surprise for them. I did a painting of the barn where they got married. I had been shopping with Katie recently and we saw a barn painting and she said she would love to have a barn painting for over her sofa, but only if it was a painting of the barn she was married in. So, being the “I’ll give anything a try even if it turns out terrible” person I am, I decided to paint their wedding barn.

I’ve painted before with average results so I got out my brushes and knowing the style I wanted I watched a few YouTube videos to get my mind wrapped around the project. So, I got the paint and made a stab at it.


This was before I made a few final adjustments. I am my own worst critic and I know it’s a very amateurish attempt, but they can hang it in the garage where no one can see it! It was fun to do and we had fun reminiscing about their wedding.

Then we hit the beach! Such a fun day!


Katie had a dome carrier with screen and shade for the baby. It was so awesome! It has a cushioned base and the screen lets the air flow through nicely. He slept like a baby, haha! I wanted to get in with him and take a nap! If you’re interested in one, check out this link from Amazon.


It wasn’t very hot so we were very comfortable and the water temp was perfect. Here in Texas we get to drive out on the beach which makes it very convenient to have all your stuff, coolers and toys within easy reach.

The beach has always been a very special place for our family so it was great to be there when baby Judah had his first visit to the sea.


I love having the kids and grandkids here. I can’t wait for the next visit!






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  1. Love the painting. You did a good job You have so many gifts. Glad you’re close to the kids and are getting to spend time with them.

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