Love Cooking Shows? I Have Netflix Recommendations For You!

I love cooking shows! Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. It’s relaxing. There’s no conflict or trauma or horror to rock my insides. It’s peaceful.

2. Usually, the photography or filmography is beautiful.

3. The dialogue is usually calming and soothing. (I don’t really like cooking competitions because they’re stressful.)

4. I’m learning something.

5. It’s creative.

Netflix is really making some great shows and movies lately. And I found a BEEE-utiful cooking series called Chef’s Table.”

Image result for chef's table massimo bottura

The series interviews and films several famous 5-star chefs from around the world. It shows how their style evolved and it is very, very interesting. Every episode ends by showing how each chef is working to help the environment or people. This chef, Massimo Bottura saved people with parmesan cheese. Really!

My daughter, knowing I loved “Chef’s Table,” told me about a series that I just finished last night. It was a total binge! I watched all episodes at once! It’s called “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.” In this series, Chef Samin Nosrat explains the 4 basic elements of all cooking. She travels the world and shows the different cultures that have perfected one of the four elements.

Chef Samin is very entertaining and is “Wow-ed” by everything! It’s worth a watch.

And if you want a good laugh, check out the mockumentary on Netflix called, “Documentary Now!” Fred Armisen and Bill Hader do an amazing, amazing, amazing job of recreating and making fun of documentaries. So, they poke fun at “Chef’s Table” in Season 2, Episode 2, “Juan Likes Rice and Chicken.” You have to watch an episode of the real “Chef’s Table” first to get the humor. It is totally worth the watch!

Happy bingeing!











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