Making, Acting, Sendak & A “Where The Wild Things Are” Costume

We have been moving for 8 months now. From the time Husband applied for a new position to actually being somewhat settled in has been about 8 months. That’s almost as long as it takes to conceive and birth a baby! And that’s what it feels like, haha!

In that time and longer, as I had my mind on decluttering, I have put off my creative projects. Oh, I did write and vlog, but hands-on, elbow deep in clay or fabric or paint had to be put on the back burner. So, now, happily, I can get into some projects.

I’ve sort of got my office/studio/study/junkroom set up and I have been making and making!


Being creative has always been therapy for me. As a kid, I would make up stories and put on skits for family and friends mostly to purge my frustration with my home life. A counselor once told me that I should be proud to have found a healthy way to deal with my situation. As I got older, I was the cartoonist for my Jr. High newspaper and also in Jr. High I entered a talent contest and wrote and performed a silent Charlie Chaplin skit complete with a whipped cream pie fight!


Through my teenage years and into adulthood I found I loved improv and would eventually teach classes. I performed in community theatre and even dabbled in stand-up comedy. I was dubbed “The Funniest Woman In Town” by a theatre owner at one point. Haha! That’s a joke in itself.

Jill acting

(This was a community theatre production of the female version of “The Odd Couple.” I played “Florence” the hypochondriac, obsessive-compulsive Felix character. I’m falling to pieces in this scene and they’re having to carry me to the sofa, haha!) 

Jill improv

(This was from a newspaper article about an improv class I taught to college students)

So, naturally I LOVE Halloween. Not because of the spooky, occultish stuff, but because we get to dress up and pretend! Halloween was the “high holy day” for me and my costume-loving-dress-up-and-pretend friends.

Grandboy #1 is really into “Where The Wild Things Are” and he’s really connected to the character, Max. I am so excited because I LOVE Sendak. In fact, I met him once and he signed my “Where The Wild Things Are” book!


I asked my daughter if I could make him a costume. And being a mom of an infant and a 2-year-old, she said, “YES!”


So, I made him one.


I used this pattern as the basis. I used the fox because of the ears.


I adjusted a few things for his size and to make it more accurate to the character. I made the legs appear longer by raising the crotch for one thing. And I used velcro as the closure instead of a zipper because I thought it would get caught up in the fur and get stuck. I also wanted him to be able to get in and out of it by himself so he wouldn’t be begging Mom every 5 minutes to zip him up. I redesigned the ears and tail to look like Max’s.

Initially, I wasn’t going to do anything about hands and feet. I was just going to cut a ragged hem to give the appearance of claws on the hands and feet. But when my daughter said he was very focused on the claws, I decided to adapt some gloves and buy some slippers with claws.

I used foam for claws and glued them to the gloves. They are probably going to be too big but I couldn’t find smaller gloves. I also bought the little knit crown but I’m not sure if it’s going to fit. So, I made one out of foam and trimmed it in fur that matches the tail in case G is that interested in accuracy. He might be!


And….I also made the boys treat bags. They’re just easy peasy rag bags. Frayed seams on the outside to make them look raggedy.


So, I’m off to the see them all. I can do that now since I’m only 4 hours away! What a joy! I’ll let you know if G likes his costume.




6 thoughts on “Making, Acting, Sendak & A “Where The Wild Things Are” Costume

  1. Love the pictures and story of your acting. Also, how could he not love the costume? You did an amazing job on it. It means so much more than just a meaningless store bought one.
    I am impressed that you had the time to do it all while still getting settled. You are amazing!

    1. I’m wearing myself ragged, but I think it keeps me from stopping and thinking about what we’ve done and where we are. If I stop I miss home too much. It’s the art of distraction, my sister taught me, haha!

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