Minimalist? Haha!


This is a still shot from a video of Husband and me closing the door on our home of 22 years. 

If you’ve followed me, you know that I had moved toward a more minimalist lifestyle. At least moved toward thinking minimally. I blogged about it. I came up with a decluttering strategy. I worked for about a year (or more) to minimalize our home. You can read about it in my earlier blogs. I even called my blog “Minimalist Grandma” for a while to chronicle my journey into minimalism.

Then the move came.

Let me say up front that I am SO glad that I took the time to declutter and minimalize. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to move the contents of a house that we lived in for 22 years across the country.

It made the move easier because I did not have to make any decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of at the time of packing and the move. I knew that everything in the house was going with us.


However…..when the movers came and boxed up – what I considered our bare necessities – it was shocking! We had SO much stuff!! I was SO surprised that we still had so much stuff, crap, whatever you want to call it.

I laughed at myself for thinking I was anywhere near a minimalist.

It was really embarrassing to think that it took 3 companies to move our belongings across the country. 3 companies! The packers, the movers and then the specialty company to come pack up our tv and my large mirror. 3 companies.

IMG_1955 2.JPG

The packers and movers even acted like they had never seen so much stuff in their lives. But then, maybe they just hate their jobs, haha!

We had an interim period of about a month where the company stored our stuff and we stayed with our kids until we found and closed on a house.

Then we moved in. IMG_2638 5.JPG

Now, this house is much larger than our old house and so when our stuff got inside, it didn’t seem like much. And it only took me a few days to unpack and a week or so to get everything in its general place. (You know it takes years to really settle in) So, I took that as a sign that my minimalistic effort had some benefit.

But to be honest, I still really can’t believe that I still have SO MUCH STUFF! If you knew how many trips to Goodwill and how many bags of trash and how much stuff I gave away, you’d understand. And even while unpacking here, I had a bag for trash and I’ve taken several trips to Goodwill. I’m still decluttering!

Husband hates it when I say this, because we are still recovering from the move, but I am thinking ahead to when we move from this house to the house we will retire in and thinking about what to get rid of. I don’t want to move so much stuff ever again!

I’m glad we’re finally here. I’m glad that everything went relatively smoothly with only a few bumps along the way. I’m thankful for my stuff, too.

But let me give you some advice…declutter now!






6 thoughts on “Minimalist? Haha!

  1. Such wise words! I know someone who’s unable to bring herself to move because it’s too much stuff. The house is too much for her at her elderly age, but she feels overwhelmed at the prospect of packing/decluttering/making decisions. So she’s staying put. I feel so sorry for her.:-(

    My, look at all those cat toys! I mean boxes.:-) Our cats would be thrilled.

  2. Oh yes. Let me tell you – it never ends! My husband wasn’t ready to give up a yard on our last move 3 years ago (to move near our grandchildren/and their parents!). I’m still making trips to donate. He hates it when I say “in our next home”…
    Moving and emptying out a home after someone dies really makes us confront the reality of STUFF. It takes time and money and energy. Precious time, precious money, precious energy – first to accumulate, then to manage to de-accumulate. Is there such a word?! Anyway, enjoyed your thoughts –
    A fellow traveler

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Let’s create the word “de-accumulate” I totally like it! Your comment about emptying out a house makes us confront the reality of stuff is the absolute truth! That’s what pushed me to declutter and deaccumulate!

  3. I took your advice to minimalize and declutter about six months before we moved. It was the best thing I could have done for myself.
    When we moved and settled in it was so much easier, especially since we moved to a much smaller house.
    Thank you for posting your progress along the way because it gave me the inspiration to follow suit.

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