New state. New house. New life. New blog site name.

So, we made the big move to Texas! Husband got a promotion in a new department based in Texas, 4 hours from our kids and grandkids.

I am no longer distance grandparenting! At least, not as much as I was. I mean 4 hours seems almost like living down the street compared to 13 hours.

With the move comes a new town to explore, a new house to decorate, a new lifestyle to create and new everything! I’m still interested in minimalism and I still limit what I bring into the house, I consider how much waste I create and I still want to focus on the more important things. However, I felt the need to change the focus of my blog from minimalism, to well, just living. So, I renamed my blog to reflect that. It’s just me. No particular topic. I’d just like to share what’s going on, my thoughts and well, just life.

I’m going to delete the minimalist grandma facebook and instagram and just consolidate and put everything under my name.

But because I feel that all the minimalizing and the recording of that experience was so important to me and possibly to others, I’m going to leave it all on here and let it sit and stew. Then whoever wants to can go back and reheat and eat whatever they want to.

Now that I’m moved in and becoming settled, I hope to be more consistent in my blogging and posting. I really love instagram and I’m losing interest in facebook, but there are a LOT of people connections on there. So, I’ll keep it going – minimally. If you want more pictures, check out my instagram – jilllib

I am not posting as much on youtube. That was tons of fun and perfect for the recording The Move and to keep me busy and distracted during the stress. But, if you want to check it out, you can. Just search for Jill Libramento

So, the story continues here. I’d love for you to come along.





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