The Relevant Years Went By So Quickly


I was at the bank a couple of weeks ago and my daughter went with me. The teller suggested that I use an electronic signature. I paused to consider if that was really the best way to handle what I was doing when she turned to my daughter, laughed and said, “Haha! She doesn’t know what I’m talking about! She’s like, “Electronic signature? What is that? Haha!”

I was insulted and started to defend myself but she just looked at my daughter and rolled her eyes.

I’m considering changing banks.

Seriously, I’m only in my 50’s. I’m not from the Stone Age.

I guess this is where the ageism begins. Taking jabs for being old and a grandma.

Nobody told me about this.

I’m going to pull up my big girl granny panties and get on with my day!




6 thoughts on “The Relevant Years Went By So Quickly

  1. Ha..ha.. recently became a granny myself AND I sure understand what ur talking about..
    Along with the congratulations, suddenly I’m getting unsolicited advice on ageing gracefully and how to go about it!!
    Ageism..the perfect term!!

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