JFK Haunts Me


Just when JFK fades from my memory and I’m not thinking about him, somebody has to pull him back. Now, it’s those hidden files that were supposedly released but then taken back to be released in April. Those files have spawned a flurry of new documentaries and conspiracy theories.

I’m a nervous wreck changing the channels because I never know when I’m going to come across footage of that depressing black limo turning onto the street that led to Dealy Plaza and then the horrifying “crimson burst.”

I was almost one and half years old when JFK was killed. Coming from a family that loves a good conspiracy theory, my home was filled with years of discussion about his assassination. And I can’t help but get sucked into them.

I get the reasons why it was such a tragic event. I get why it impacted America so. I understand how horrible and tragic and sad it was.

I also understand why we can’t leave it alone – because we don’t know.

And it’s for all those reasons why JFK haunts me.

I wish, for goodness sake, we could find out who killed him so he can literally Rest In Peace.

His death is one of those moments that people remember exactly where they were when they got the news. I suppose I was sitting in either my mother or my sister’s lap when I heard the news.

Where were you?




4 thoughts on “JFK Haunts Me

  1. Coming from a family that does NOT love a good conspiracy theory, the whole JFK thing never came up in discussions. I am decidedly not haunted by JFK. (Oh, but don’t get me started on whether Julie Andrews or Audrey Hepburn should have starred in My Fair Lady.) Funny how our family’s discussions when we were young affect us when we’re older.

  2. I was in the fourth grade at Ceasar Cone School and we had just finished our flute (tonette) lesson in our classroom. The bus ride home was totally silent. I remember the shock and the tears and horror of a whole nation. I watched the funeral procession live on TV. Then again I was watching live TV when Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald.
    I, too, come from a family of conspiracy theorists and we have debated it and read everything and seen everything out there to fuel our imaginations and reasonings.
    JFK and Jackie were the royalty this country never had and, when he died, it died.
    And just when we thought we would never heal, three months later Ed Sullivan had four mop tops from Liverpool on his show that swept us off of our feet and gave us something to be happy about. Thank you Ed, and Brian Epstein and John, Paul, George and Ringo. You helped to take away the pain. And I have loved you ever since.

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