I’m Not The Only One! Death Cleaning


My father-in-law sent me a Washington Post article on “Death Cleaning.” I was so excited to hear that I’m not the only one who thinks it’s important to clear out unwanted things and get your s@#%* in order before you “bite the big one.”

According to Margareta Magnusson I’m about 10 years too early. She suggests starting at 65 years old.

But really, the Swedes embrace the concept of “dostadning” which comes from the Swedish words for death and cleaning. It’s basically what I’ve been talking about: gettting rid of unwanted things so your family doesn’t have to deal with it and getting your affairs in order.

The article quotes Karin Olosfdotter, Swedish Ambassador, who says that her parents are “death cleaning” as well as their friends and she thinks it almost a “biological” thing to do.

It’s funny because I have run across my people in my own age range and most of them are doing it and if not, they want to or are thinking about it. So, I think it could be a biological thing. A lot of people don’t do it because it’s so hard, though.

We should come up with a word for death cleaning here in the US. I think I have. It’s called “getting your s@#* together.”

I’ll have to get Magnusson’s book when it becomes available in the US in January.

I’m glad I’m not alone and this whole throwing out experience wasn’t actually a mental breakdown.

This day after Halloween might be a good time to start “death cleaning.” What do you think?




5 thoughts on “I’m Not The Only One! Death Cleaning

  1. Magnusson’s book is on my list to read, too! I don’t think you’re 10 years too early because we might not have the energy and mental organization to take care of things on our own later on. Not that everyone automatically deteriorates past age 65 or 70, it’s just that ya never know what the future has in store!

  2. Just finished my “death cleaning”. My son-in-law, who lost his father last year and had to have his mom go to a nursing home, urged me to do this because the cleaning out took them forever and took it’s toll on them emotionally and physically.
    I like your term better!!

  3. Totally agree..
    I think more than biological thing.. it’s a psychological thing too.. one sort of gets time and opportunity to do a recap of life.. and of course come to various differing conclusions.. and actions..

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