My Halloween Life


As a kid I LOVED Halloween! I’m an actor at heart and having a whole holiday devoted to dressing and pretending to be someone else was just the best! In the 70’s it was a community experience. Everyone was involved. Your respect could go up or down based on the quality of your costume. Candy was king! My Dad was cheap and was always trying to give out apples or walnuts – I was humiliated. Not to mention angry at having to pick up all the apples and walnuts that got dumped in our yard the next day.

When my kids were really little, we dressed them up every year and they were so cute and we’d take them to the mall to get candy. That was during the period where freaks were putting razor blades and poison in Halloween treats. So, the mall would xray the candy for you and when we got home we went through it piece by piece inspecting it for tampering. Kinda took the fun out of the candy part. But the kids were still cute toddling around in their costumes.

Then we moved into a neighborhood with lots of kids and it became a community experience again. Gangs of kids roaming the neighborhood, laughing and getting their sugar high. I never gave out fruit or nuts, just so you know.

Then we got involved in a church that thought Halloween was evil. And so we participated in alternative celebrations. It was fine and good, but being in such an active neighborhood I always felt like I was letting the kids down. I don’t think my stand against the evils of Halloween did anything except just hurt the neighborhood kid’s feelings, actually.

But then as the kids got older, Halloween was just not a big deal anymore. And then when the kids flew the coop, we just became a candy stop and not part of the main activity.

But through the years even that has disappeared. I think over the past two years I’ve had a total of 3 trick or treaters. I understand. We are more aware of the dangers, more suspicious of our neighbors. It’s just the way it is now.

I miss the “glory days of Halloween” when the costume was important and candy was king. I miss helping the kids with their costumes and spending way too much money on good candy.

Now I’m just that weird old lady at the end of the street sitting in her dark house watching old horror movies eating a bowl of candy all by herself. That’s pretty scary.


But you know, I’ll have that bowl of candy by the door, just in case.

Happy Halloween! Muhahaha!



7 thoughts on “My Halloween Life

  1. When I was a kid, coming up with creative Halloween costumes was a big deal. In my little circle of friends, store bought costumes were frowned upon. The October surge of creativity was such indulgent fun! I’m not into Halloween much as an adult, but I do enjoy the few (very few) trick-or-treaters we get. Such adorable, little pirates and princesses! But yeah, it’s mostly just watching a scary movie and waiting another hour for the doorbell to ring.

  2. Loved this! I miss our neighborhood kids, we had a trunk or treat last week at church it was fun seeing the kids! Were going to church friends tonight hope to see more! I bought my favorite candy corn m&m’s yesterday plus will be getting half price candy tomorrow! !!

  3. I, too, had the wonderful neighborhood childhood experience. We got so much candy we used pillow cases instead of bags. And never did we inspect the candy; just went straight into gorging ourselves until we were sick. I never liked the apples or the popcorn balls. I wanted sugar!!!!!!
    For the last decade we have lived in a neighborhood just like the one I grew up in. We probably have 100+ trick or treaters every year. I have loved it!!! I love their costumes!! I love their excitement!!
    Yes, Halloween is fun and I never really bought into the whole “evil” bit. It’s a night for dress up and pretending to be someone else for a little while. It’s the whole “wonder of childhood” that I love so much.
    Now, pass the Smarties and the Nerds.

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