“Love Begets Words”


So, I’m doing everything I can do to avoid doing some last minute work on my book. Eating a cheese quesadilla, trying to make a snapchat video – which I always seem to forget how to do, playing with my grandboy, trying not to call my daughter to find out what my other grandboy is doing. I was even reading some works from medieval Ireland, “The Maxims of King Adfrith of Northumbria.” This one got my attention:

“Love begets words.”

My mind immediately went to Shakespeare, the Brownings, Byron…you know. So, I think this maxim is true.

Love really does inspire words. The beauty, passion and exquisite pain of it all. People who are wordsmiths have to try to describe it, document it, speak about it for all of us.

Tell the people you love that you love them. Use the words you have. They don’t have to be fancy. I love you is good enough.




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