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In addition to my friends and family I follow a bunch of other people and companies on IG. I thought I’d share a few (doesn’t even scratch the surface) of my favorite Instagramers with you this morning. These are just a few of those who make me smile with their posts.

Chris Pratt is hilarious and just a good guy. He’s really cool about posting real moments. You get the feeling that this is really his personal IG account and not his publicist posting for him.


When I was having my Smash Cake Frenzy, I watched some of Cupcake Jemma’s YouTube videos to learn how to pipe icing. She’s a cute, perky British baking master and she has her own shop called Crumbs and Doilies. You can see the amazing creations her shop turns out and you can follow her IG, too, at Cupcake Jemma.



Jack Black! Just a hoot!







I’ve been following Hugh Jackman forever and he so consistent and like Chris Pratt you get the feeling that he is actually posting his photos. He’s just a real, down to earth guy and he’s not bad to look at either.


I follow several IG accounts from Scotland because it is my dream to visit the land where my mother’s family is from. Visit Scotland posts beautiful photos from around Scotland.


Pumpkin the Raccoon is a fun IG to follow. The photos of Pumpkin and his pals are so fun, great quality and the person who writes the captions makes me laugh every time! I went to an office supply store one day and lo and behold there was a Pumpkin the Raccoon wall calendar!












Rhea The Naked Birdie is a sweet IG. A young woman in Boston has adopted a Love Bird that has a condition where it can’t grow feathers. She loves this bird and takes good care of her. Rhea’s followers make clothes for the little naked bird and her owner takes photos. The bird seems to love to pose! It’s crazy! My favorite post is a short video of Rhea wearing a crocheted Batman cape and running through the house (because she can’t fly – no feathers).




Bats of Queeland! These bats are not creepy they are SO cute.


History Photographed is a great IG that posts old photos. Not just celebs like the young Jack Nicholson here but photos from history.




I follow a lot of artists, too, and Matt Tommey is a sculpture basket weaver from North Carolina. He does amazing work!






Who do you follow on IG?




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