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I’ve been here visiting my kids and grandkids for almost 4 weeks now. I’m living in a spare room with my computer, camera and a plastic bin of clothes. It’s great!

A neighbor asked if I would be willing to house sit for them while they go on vacation. I agreed to do it. Not a problem.

That’s what happened which led me to write this post.

There was a time I would not have agreed to help them out for one stupid reason.

The junk in my house.

How does the junk in my house affect me housesitting for someone? How is it even connected, you may ask, dear reader.

I’ll tell you.

Clutter Control.

When my house was filled with clutter and stuff crammed in closets and under beds and there was no organization, I didn’t know where stuff was and I didn’t know what I had or what I needed. It was Clutter Confusion!

Most of the time I shoved the reality of all that clutter out of my mind. It seemed too overwhelming to tackle, so I just wouldn’t think about it.

So, I would keep cramming the clutter in my house and in my mind. I was never free from it. Even when I wasn’t at home I knew it was there! Nagging me.

It kept me in a state of uneasiness. I never felt in control. I was embarrassed that I was not in charge of my life, but my house was. I always felt there was work to be done, something to clean out, sort out, organize. It was a horrible feeling.

Whenever anyone asked me to do something, my mental to-do list popped up and all the work I needed to do around the house started screaming for priority.

Clutter kept me from doing things I wanted to do.

So, now that I’ve decluttered and organized my home I know what’s in every closet and drawer. I know exactly where important papers are and they are safe. There is nothing to do at my house!

My home is not in control of my life anymore! Hallelujah!

So, now when I’m asked to housesit and I think about what I need to at home it doesn’t weigh me down and stress me out! There’s no to-do list to pop up and smother me.

It’s so freeing!

Isn’t it crazy to think how a bunch of inanimate objects can control your life?

Stay free my friends!









2 thoughts on “Clutter Control

  1. What an important message. It’s as if the clutter in our homes shackles us there with a mental chain. We can’t stray too far and enjoy other things until we take of that clutter. We’re in 3 different stages right now: decluttered areas, in progress areas, and some horrid areas I’d like to forget but I know I need to address!

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