Packing Up The DVDs For Veterans


Happy Memorial Day!

I’ve been meaning to post about packing up my DVDs for months and I suppose this is as good a day as any.

When I was decluttering, my extensive DVD collection was one of the most emotionally charged items for me to go through. I had spent years collecting my favorite movies. Movies are one of my most favorite things!

However, inspired by minimalism and affected by Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube and On Demand services, I found that I didn’t watch my movies all that often. Why pull out a DVD when I can watch the same movie with the click of a button?

So, I decided to go through my movies and discard.

It was hard but what made it easier was finding a worthy cause to donate to.

I discovered DVDs for VETs and they accept donations of used DVDs to be used in Veteran’s Hospitals and Nursing Homes and Veteran’s Centers.

It was easy to donate some of my favorite movies when I asked myself, “If a disabled veteran asked me if they could have some of my DVDs, would I give them to him/her?”

Of course!

So, I packed up my DVDs and shipped them off to DVDs 4 VETs.  I also put a link my sidebar.

Here’s a link to an AARP article with a list of good causes to donate to. I found it was easier to discard when I had a worthy cause to donate to.

Happy Memorial Day! and Happy Decluttering!




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