Great Idea! Virtual Photo Walks


I discovered Virtual Photo Walks years ago and I have wanted to volunteer with them ever since. Now that I’m “retired” I’m going to do it! I’m so excited!

Virtual Photo Walks is where people volunteer to go on “walks” for people who can’t because of illness, being housebound, or whatever.

Using their smartphones and a video conferencing app the people who aren’t able to get out and about join a walk with the photographer. There have been walks to volcanoes, beaches, forest hikes, and I think I saw one from Venice.

Having been the primary caretaker for my sister and best friend, I can tell you that this is a WONDERFUL idea! I’ll put a few links on here so you can check it out.

If you know someone who is in hospital or housebound – and not just adults, but kids, too – share this with them!

Go HERE to watch a video about the founder and how he got the idea.

Look up the Virtual Photo Walk YouTube channel and watch some videos.

HERE‘s the link to the website.

You could volunteer to be a photographer, or donate to the program, but more importantly, spread the word. Share with people you know who are housebound or kids in hospital so they can enjoy this wonderful opportunity!






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