Getting To Know You

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I read other people’s blogs. They inspire me. They motivate me. Sometimes the words they say stick with me for days.

So, my post today is dedicated to these 3 posts:

Reynolds Made 10 Random Facts Tag

Letitgocoach Who Cares

The Kitchens Garden How To Tell Your Cow Is Pregnant

I feel like I already share quite a lot about myself on my blog. Maybe too much at times, but I absolutely love it when people share about themselves so I thought I’d “Do unto others…”

So, here are a few things (Reynolds Made), honest things (Letitgocoach), random things (The Kitchens Garden) about me.

  • I love to start new projects but I have to make myself finish them.
  • I’m obsessed with knowing random trivia, like “How To Tell Your Cow Is Pregnant.” I don’t have a cow, don’t intend to but I just had to know!
  • I have terrible recall so all the trivia I consume gets lost in the abyss and so I won’t be able to tell you how to tell your cow is pregnant. Something about a “b” and a “g”?
  • I laugh when I’m nervous so I’ll embarrass you if we’re ever at a funeral together.
  • I laugh when people fall so I’ll hurt your feelings if we ever go ice skating together and you’re not very good. Don’t be too mad, I’ll laugh at myself, too. I will laugh just imagining that I fell.
  • I don’t remember numbers so I’ll forget your phone number and you’ll think I’m lying when I say that’s why I didn’t call.
  • I do remember movie lines and quote them ad nauseum. The title of this post? King and I.
  • I probably use IMDB more than any other app for looking up the name of that actor that’s in the movie I’m watching that I know was in that other movie I watched. I’ll miss a whole movie proving I’m right.
  • I don’t mind making a fool of myself for a laugh. Laughing is my favorite.
  • Even though I love to laugh, I equally love a good, serious conversation.
  • I  hate overhead lighting. Reminds me of an interrogation in an old movie.
  • Cell phones have been a help to me. I hate waiting and it gives me something to do.
  • I have a crush on Yul Brynner, a crispy chocolate chip cookie, the ocean, creativity, just the right word, the color blue, Judi Dench, 70’s rock with a funky bass, VW buses, my husband when he wears his black Brooklyn shirt, men in kilts, my husband if he ever wore a kilt, lemurs, river rocks and sea shells.

There’s a lot more, but who in the world will want to know all this?  I would. About you.

Have a great weekend!





3 thoughts on “Getting To Know You

  1. This made me laugh. Mainly because I could see you saying every word! lol You make me laugh all the time, and I love you for it! I found it highly amusing that you also laugh when people fall. My boyfriend tells me all the time, “If you fall…I will laugh.” I’m like….”What the hell?!?!!” Where’s the chivalry? lol I love you, and am honored to fill your cup with random things. xxx

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