I’m Glad I Didn’t Throw This Out!

I was listening to The Minimalist’s podcast yesterday and they answered a question: “Have you ever thrown anything out that you regretted getting rid of later?”

I thought that was a great question and of course their answer was, “No” because I guess they are just master-ninja-gurus-of-all-things-minimalist and just have the minimalist mojo in their veins and they would never make a mistake like that.

I’m not a hard-core minimalist but I feel like compared to people in my life I’m pretty tough about what to keep and what not to keep. I call myself a “thrower-outer.” And I’m sure there will be something I threw out that will require a facepalm later.


When it came to going through my kid’s childhood toys and clothes that I had kept and wanted to downsize, I’m not quite sure what my criteria was that determined that something was a keeper. I suppose it was that it was well-loved. If anyone knew my daughter, they knew she loved Barbie, so I kept all her Barbie stuff in case she ever had a little girl. And my son’s Legos. He was a fanatic. And having those at my house through the years has actually been great for entertaining visiting kids.

Some of their things that I determined were keepers I have since delivered to my kids so they can store them and keep them. Only a few things I have kept at my house for my grandkids to use and play with.

One of the things I took to my daughter was a little wooden rocking chair that her uncle made for her. She loved it as a little girl and just yesterday she pulled it out for her son to use. And I am so glad I kept it because getting this picture was priceless!!



So, when decluttering those keepsakes, you really have to think ahead. You have to think about your future grandkids and what they might enjoy and probably more important, what items will be meaningful for your kids to share with their own children. 

That is one of the best things about being a grandmother: watching your own kids be parents.

Have a great weekend!





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