Contentment Is Key To Minimalism



Being content is difficult.

Society makes sure that we live in a state of discontent.

Just when you think you are satisfied with something, a better version comes out.

When it comes to living a minimalist lifestyle, though, we must make a decision to be content.

You can decide to be content.

Contentment is not an illusive thing that you have to wait on to suddenly appear in your life, it’s a state you can decide to live in.

Like when I hear people use the phrase, “falling in love.” To me, love is a choice not something that you fall into or step in.

When people say they “fell in love” I think they mean they had feelings of love. The problem is I’ve had those feelings a million times and I’ve had those feelings leave a million times. Am I doomed to be a victim of fleeting feelings that change constantly and are unreliable?

No, I decide to love. And I can decide to be content. Even when something better flits by and I have “feelings” that are temporarily more exciting than the “feelings” I experience when I look at what I have. I can decide to love and be content even when a better version comes along. Because what will I have to give up to make room for the newer bells and whistles? And will I be any better off when the new feelings dissipate?

So, I went through my house and I kept only what I love (decided to love).

I decided to be content with it.

There will ALWAYS be alternatives and options that will keep you having to decide and choose and in a state of frustration and discontent. You can choose to held hostage by “feelings” or you can take control and decide!

This applies to relationships, too, by the way.




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