A Surprising Way Minimalism Saves Time

A Surprising Way Minimalism Saves Time

I probably sound like someone who says they’ve seen a UFO or Bigfoot because I, too, was skeptical until I actually experienced it.

Practicing minimalism really does free up time!

I mean, I thought “Can having less things really make that much difference?” You still have to do the same things like laundry, dishes, cleaning so can reducing a few things make that much difference?

It does! However, there’s another, more subtle, way it saves you time.

You can declutter and organize your brains out, but if you are still discontent with what you have, you will still not be freed up to go spend your time and money in other ways.You will still be held hostage by your home because you will always be thinking about how you’d rather have this or that or how you need to replace this or that or you need to redecorate this room or that room.

So, after the decluttering and organizing you have to set up your house in a way that brings you peace. You have to become content with what you have. 

For me, personally, I had to call an end to redecoration and rearranging.

There is a minimal amount of time saved simply because I own fewer things, but to my surprise the biggest time saver has been that I no longer live in a constant state of decision making which bogged me down, stressed me out and often overwhelmed me.

The time I spent housecleaning was more about moving the stuff I kept because I might use it one day from one closet to another because I was trying to make room for the new stuff I bought. Like those framed pictures that I love but don’t have a place on my wall or those jeans that I keep in case I lose those pounds or those books that my sister gave me that I might read one day.

And then there was also the: “I don’t really like the way this room looks, I need to redecorate or rearrange” which totally derailed my cleaning effort and required a shopping trip- “Look, squirrel!”

So, every time I went to simply clean my house I became overwhelmed and frustrated. I’m getting older and I don’t have the stamina to do a complete overhaul of my whole house every time I clean!

But I’m telling you, after I decluttered, organized what was left and called an end to the redecorating (which required a decision to be content) I have so much more time in my life!

My weekends are “What do I want to do?” instead of “What do I need to do?”

There are no more closets to clean out! Hallelujah!

There are no more decisions to make about junk I’ve kept!

I don’t have to reorganize my cabinets!

My house is decorated like I want, so I don’t have to redecorate. I don’t have to shop!

I can just go through my house, dust, vacuum, mop and I’m out doing what I want to!

If you will take the time and the hard work to go through everything you own, be stern with yourself and only keep what you love and need, organize what’s left, make sure everything has a place, and decide to be content, you will be amazed at how FREE your life and TIME will be!






5 thoughts on “A Surprising Way Minimalism Saves Time

  1. You have inspired me. As soon as my daughter and her husband move to FL I am going to get right on it.
    I need that kind of freedom in my life.
    I remember when my grandfather passed, we had to go through all of his things and some of my grandmother’s things who had died twenty years earlier. It was very hard to get rid of their belongings because the sentimental attachment grew with each thing we picked up.
    I don’t want my children to have to make those hard decisions at such an emotional time.
    Each day you inspire me more with each new post. Thank you.

  2. You nailed it. What do I want to do today? Instead of looking around seeing what ‘needs’ to be done. I tell people…”I don’t dust.There is not that many things for it to land on!” Much love. xxx

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