What is Minimalism Again?


Minimalism is a popular trend right now. You might even consider it a fad, that it might be short-lived and fade out quickly. It might.

But I think it’s more than that.

Minimalism is an outward expression of a inner attitude. 

Minimalism is like parable, a fable. Minimalism has a deeper message than just having one succulent in a cement pot against a blank wall as your living room decor .

Minimalism is a protest. It’s a protest against manipulation. It’s an attempt to quit being mindless and deciding making our own choices about how we live.

Within popular culture, minimalism describes a certain slant toward life that might look something like this.

  • Less me, more others.
  • Less accumulation, more giving.
  • Less attention to stuff more attention to people.
  • Less judgment, more love.
  • Less distraction, more focus.
  • Less worrying, more joy!
  • Less indulgence, more moderation.
  • Less waste, more deliberate.

How does that fit in with the values you hold?

It fits mine just fine. So you can call me a minimalist. 

Some may call minimalism a trend or fad. But I believe it’s been around a long time. At least since Moses was in short pants. (that’s a crazy old saying that my family has that means “a really long time.”) But seriously, at least since Jesus taught all those values when He was on earth.

So, when the trendy word, “minimalism” goes out of fashion, I’ll change my blog name to whatever it’s called then. The Living with Less Lady or something like that.









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