Life With Sophie & Fanfan

Yesterday I posted about the 9 Must Haves for Long Distance Grandparents. I didn’t include these two in the list, but I’ll tell you my Grandboys don’t go anywhere without them.

Who knew this unsuspecting giraffe and inconspicuous fawn would play such a big role in our lives. They’re part of the family now!

They don’t look like much, they’re a bit expensive, but I tell you my Grandboys love them! Just look at Manny…


{Another shameless Grandboy photo}

I love the caption my son put on this instagram photo: “My boy is on this giraffe’s feet like he’s cleaning a rib!” His wife corrected him “It’s a fawn!” Haha! Manny’s cousin has the giraffe.

So, if you’re wondering what might be a good gift for a teething age kid, get Fanfan the Fawn or Sophie the Giraffe! (And I’m not getting paid for this plug! That’s how great they are!)

*Since posting this, a fellow blogging friend told me about an article about the possibility of mold growing inside these precious creatures. Here’s a link to an article

While it is gross to think about, a pediatrician was quoted in the article as saying, “The good news is while the mold looks yucky and is distressful, for most healthy kids the mold itself doesn’t pose a bad health effect,” Moorjani said.

I will tell my girls about it and if they feel they need to give the toy up, there will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth (literally)!




5 thoughts on “Life With Sophie & Fanfan

  1. I’m not sure if you saw the article but some mums have found mold inside sofie even after following the washing directions and not submerging in water. I promptly checked mine and decided it was time to part with her.

      1. I know. My little girl LOVED her Sophie! It helped so so much when she started teething but after I saw the article I just couldn’t give it to her anymore.

  2. I have seen the mold warnings; I just assumed to treat it like those nose suckers. Replace them after a few months!

    Also, Fan Fan and Sophie are $24. I recently found that Target has a brand called Infantino that makes a monkey and an elephant version that’s only $12. We now have coco the monkey too 😜

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